simplelinux Project

Project description

This project will provide a set of scripts/config files allowing the non-computer aware to use a linux system. This involves removing access to complicated programs, and offering very limited and intuitive interfaces to the most needed programs. This project is only addressed for those interested in providing a customized OS to people not interested in/not capable of using a full blown environment. The project will also offer documentation on how to customize such a specialised environment. The solutions offered will take into account the necesities of impaired users. Please understand this is not providing a linux distribution. The project aims to provide tools to simplify the use of Linux . This project is not trying to build a Linux distro, but will rely on existing distros.

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Registration information

  1. How frequently do you expect to be updating packages within your tree?
    Updating files in my project would, at the most optimistic, be every month
  2. Do you plan to also provide full releases in an ISO file format (or similar)?
    No. The releases will be provided as .tgz files, which will probably never be larger than 10Mb
  3. How many members of your team will be directly updating the package tree?
    Currently 2.
  4. How many distinct versions or quality delineations do you intend to maintain (i.e. stable, unstable, testing, etc.)?
    I'm sure that just 2 lines will be enough: stable/unstable
  5. What mechanism will your end-users be using to update their local package load?
    No dedicated mechanism is planned. Download a new version would suffice
  6. How many packages do you expect to exist in each tree (as described in #4)?
    Just one.
  7. What do you estimate to be your maximal space requirement for all materials you intend to provide?
    50Mb would be more than ample.
  8. Are all materials you are providing under an Open Source license?
    Yes, Apache V2.
  9. Does your project intend to make use of our project CVS and/or Subversion services?
    I intend to use subversion.
  10. What other features will your project be using?
    Tracker, Forum, Documentation

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